Naing Kaung Ywut
Ministry of Defence, Deputy Minister

Nai Kao Rot, a Mon ethnicity who was born on June 16, 1952, and now (69) years old, was appointed as the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Defence under the National Unity Government of Myanmar on April 16, 2021. While Deputy Minister Nai Kao Rot represents the Mon State Interim Coordination Committee (MPICC), as a member of the cabinet, he upholds political visions such as establishing a Federal Democracy System, forming the Federal Government and State Government in Myanmar, and defending human rights, human security, labour rights, and gender equality.

As a politician, he joined the New Mon State Party (NMSP) in 1972, and had taken responsibilities ranging from Sergeant to General Staff (G-3) Colonel at the Mon Nationality Liberation Army (MNLA) for (35) years. In the MNLA alone, he had worked as a Colonel in the military committee for (18) years. He also served as a member of the Central Committee of NMSP. Then in 2008, he finally retired from both the NMSP and NMLA respectively. A year later in 2009, he formed the Rehmonnya Labour Union (RLU) and took responsibility as a Director, particularly working for migrant labour in Thailand for (3) years. Until recently in 2012, he relocated the RLU office to Mon State, Myanmar, and mainly worked for capacity building of labour by offering them computer and agricultural knowledge and techniques until early this year. In this regard, these labour are mainly from the Dawei District and Three Pagoda Pass border, Mon State.

Throughout his profession, Deputy Minister was recognized for being well-experienced in drafting military strategies and training, intelligent services, and additional working experience on united nationalities joint military affairs. Furthermore, he has thirty-five-year of ethnic military experience and more than ten-year expertise working for labour including migrant workers and gardeners.

Deputy Minister Nai Kao Rot passed his matriculation in 1971 from Myanmar State School and has language proficiency for Mon and Burmese and English.