PDF Military Structure

Responsibilities of Commander in Chief

1) The role of the Commander in Chief of the People’s Defence Force shall be nominated by the Minister of Defence to the Parliament, and appointed by the Prime Minister.

2) The Commander in Chief is the leader of the People’s Defence Force.

3) Responsibilities of the Commander in Chief are:

  • Supervising the military operations
  • Acting as the military advisor of the Ministry of Defence
  • Negotiate and supervise efficient military operations, logistics transportation, training and communications
  • Building military capacity
  • Alliance relations and military cooperation
  • Efficient administration of military budget

Regional Command


Regional Command


Regional Command


Regional Command


Regional Command


Regional Command

Chain of Command

Troops and Military Personnel

People’s Defence Force is composed of two components; Active Troops and Reserve Troops.

The Reserve Troops shall be trained for readiness or deployment, and fundamentally arranged to appear as battalions or PDF during wartimes.