MOD Organizational Structure

MOD Management and Administration

  • The Defence Minister is accountable for leading and managing the Ministry of Defence.
  • Whilst undertaking such responsibilities, the Minister shall follow the directives of the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government (NUG) and the Federal Union Parliament.
  • Ministerial decision making authority lies within the Defence Minister and the Deputy Ministers.
  • The Defence Minister shall set policies, programs and resource allocation related primary tasks and lay down strategic directives.
  • The deputy ministers shall establish ministerial policies and projects, draw budgets, and manage resources.

Responsibilities of the Defence Minister

  • To serve as a defence special advisor to the Prime Minister of the Federal Union
  • To ‌administer the Ministry of Defence
  • To participate as a cabinet member
  • To perform as the leader of the Ministry of Defence

Responsibilities of Deputy Ministers

  • To implement the directives of the Defence Minister
  • To oversee the departments established within the Ministry
  • To collaborate with the People’s Defence Forces on behalf of the Defence Minister