People's Defence Force


People's Defence Force

As the official government of Myanmar, the National Unity Government (NUG) officially formed People’s Defense Force (PDF) on the 5th of May, 2021 in accordance with the defense policies.

History of Army

On 1st February, 2021, a coup d'etat took place in Myanmar due to the military’s illegal seizure of the state power. To resist the junta’s military coup, Myanmar people started their strikes on 4th February, 2021. At the same time, the Myanmar military also began brutal attacks against the unarmed civilians who were marching on the streets for peaceful demonstration. As a result of the junta’s suppression, the people in Myanmar no longer accept the military in Myanmar as the official army and demanded an army which would truly protect its people and the country. Therefore, the People’s Defense Forces (PDF) was eventually established.
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The main objectives of forming People’s Defence Force PDF are:

1) To end the 70-year long internal conflict by extinguishing the terrorist acts and aggressive attacks of the State Administration Council (SAC)

2) To perform effective reforms in the security sector

3) To participate as an essential forerunner for establishing the Federal Union Forces

Pledge of Allegiance

1) We will bear allegiances to the Federal Union of Myanmar and the people.

2) We will bear allegiances to the fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives during the fight for democracy

3) We will protect and defend the lives, properties and livelihoods of the people.

4) We solemnly pledge that we will sacrifice our lives in building the Federal Union of Myanmar.


The primary mission of People’s Defence Force (PDF) is to defend and protect lives, properties and livelihoods of the people and the Federal Union of Myanmar.

Duties of People’s Defence Force

1) To collaborate with other allied forces to safeguard the security of the people, prevent community jeopardy and defend the Federal Union of Myanmar

2) To combat and overthrow the dictatorship by waging a just war

3) To organize defence zones through phases

4) To carry out evacuation procedures for natural disasters driven incidents

Civilian Control

People's Defence Force must be an armed force which falls under the civilian control.

The Commander in Chief holds the decision making authority for the PDF.

PDF is a part of the government mechanism and remains under the ‌administration of the Ministry of Defense.

The ministers and deputy ministers of the Ministry of Defense are from civilian backgrounds and members of the cabinet.

Acting as the defense advisor to the government, the Defense Minister is accountable for the establishment of the defense policies and related matters, and for the implemention of those policies.

The Minister of Defense holds authority to administer the Ministry of Defense under the guidance of the Commander in Chief.

The Ministry of Defense is the focal ministry which facilitates allocation of armed troops, setting up military combat trainings and all other coordination maters related to the defense operations.

Values of the Army

In line with the establishment of the People’s Defense Forces, hereinafter referred to as the PDF, six values of the army were set as follows:-

(1) Bravery and Ability to take risks

(2) Conscientious

(3) Loyalty

(4) Obedience

(5) Discipline

(6) Uphold Comrade Spirit

People's Defence Force



Military Values

The military values of the People’s Defence Force are:
  • Faithfulness to the Federal Union of Myanmar and the people
  • Honours
  • Bravery
  • Honesty
  • Safeguarding the interest of the Federal Union of Myanmar
  • Respectfully abiding the international military laws including the Law of Armed Conflicts

Military Culture

Troop members of the PDF shall acknowledge and apprehend the military life and culture.

Members of the troop, under any circumstances, must comply with the military Code of Conducts and social rules when interacting with the civilians.

Members of the troop shall learn and train to become an obedient armed force since the first day of joining the force.

Military Integration

People’s Defence Force will collaborate with the Ethnic Armed Organisations (EAOs) to establish the Federal Alliance in order to fight against the dictators, and will integrate in the formation of the forthcoming Federal Union Force (or Federal Union Military)